Farewell to Parsons Community

Farewell to Parsons Community
Posted on 06/14/2017

Dear Parsons Community,

It is with a heavy heart and deep gratitude I inform you I will be leaving my position as the Principal of Parsons Elementary School this summer. My decision to leave is so I may begin the next chapter of my administrative career as an Elementary Principal with the Princeton Public School District. 

Parsons Elementary School is moving in a positive direction, thanks to the dedicated staff members, students, administrators, and you, the community. The growth in the overall academic and social program has been remarkable over the past two years. There are new academic opportunities for students that were not previously available. Our Character Education programs have taught students to be active problem-solvers and not stand idly by when others are being treated unfairly. 

Recently, we had a wonderful 5th grade Awards Assembly. At that program, I shared with the students they were prepared to go to Linwood Middle School and make a positive difference in our world. I stand by my words. They say true learning does not occur until there is a permanent change in a behavior or process. Working as a team with you, our teachers have not only fostered true learning for our students, but also a desire to achieve even more. They are the true heroes of Parsons Elementary School!

For my students I am leaving behind, please remember the importance I instilled on being young ladies and gentlemen. Please remember to always try your best, and not let anyone tell you something is out of your reach. Please remember to make yourselves and your parents proud every day. Finally, please remember I care about each and every one of you and wish you all the blessings and successes life has to offer. You deserve them!

I am very lucky to have worked in such a fine district as North Brunswick, and to have met all of you. I am honored to have been given the opportunity to work with the BOE, students, staff, parents, and administration of North Brunswick. I would like to especially thank the Parsons Community for welcoming me and the continued support you have given Parsons in my time here.

I have enjoyed my time working with all of you and wish you well!


Luis Ramirez