Dear Students and Parents,

Welcome to Parson’s Elementary School and our school’s website. I hope you find this an informative way to learn about our school. Please take some time to review some of the excellent resources and links provided on our website.

At Parsons, we believe that all students can achieve. Our goal is to provide a journey of exciting educational opportunities for our students, with our highly qualified professional staff. We strive to insure that all children have the opportunity to reach high standards of success. We provide an educational experience at Parsons that will allow children to learn in a safe, caring, and understanding environment. This environment will encourage children to be responsible citizens and lifelong learners.

One of our goals for this year is to strengthen our home school partnership while building community confidence. We truly appreciate the tremendous parent support at Parsons. Your participation in our Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) will strengthen this partnership and help to build a bridge for a better understanding of students and parent needs. We want parents and community members to visit our school and feel welcome. As parents and guardians, you are the first and most important educator in your child’s life. Your children bring life to our school each day, ready to participate with excitement and eagerness.

Building community confidence is a significant component of being an effective school. My philosophy is one that encourages the entire community to be involved. It takes all facets of the community to make a successful educational community. It takes all stakeholders for a successful Educational system. We MUST strive to provide ALL students the tools to be successful. We must, as a team, work towards the daily improvement of all our programs to have every child achieve at the highest level.

It is both a privilege and an honor to have this opportunity to be a partner in the education of your children. I am so proud to be the Principal of Parsons!

Your Partner in Education,

Mrs. Diana Whalen
Parsons Elementary School
732-289-3400 ext. 43009